osmosi inversa, demineralizzazione acqua
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osmosi inversa, demineralizzazione acqua


Company Profile

Osmoplanet, an industrial company whose roots lie in Milan’s hinterland, is specialized in the construction and maintenance of plants and machinery with semi-permeable membranes, which are sold worldwide through an extensive network of qualified agents.


The engineers of the company produce Reverse Osmosis plants since 1978 and thanks to their experience, gained in over 35 years of business, the company can boast a deep knowledge of the industry and of all the problems related to water treatment. For this we are valued and appreciated for our competence and seriousness.

We work exclusively with the finest quality materials and components manufactured in Europe or America.

Osmoplanet’s plants, which reach a capacity of up to 1'500 m3/day, are designed and built by a team within the company.
Plants and services offered by Osmoplanet are oriented towards three main areas:


list marker Industry
list marker Civil and agricultural sector
list marker Marine Sector


Each plant is carefully tested by our technicians before shipping.

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